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Faye's Freaky Beats - In the Mix right now!

Literally just a moment has passed since the Pegg caught Luke and Faye actually doing some WORK!!!! OMG Faye is not on facebook or making a playlist! Due to a faulty native instruments mixer, Faye and Luke have risen above the challenges and gone mixing touchscreen stylee. Our resident 'DJ in Training' Faye, is spinning the virtual vinyl and mixing the hell out of those mp3s....

Today, Faye did all kinds of really COOL STUFF!..... Starting with creating a playlist, and spinnin' a MASHTASTIC MIX UP!

Faye mixed the songs together using the ipad and got together an hours worth of TOOONS that will be played

Originally, we had half an hours worth of songs lined up for Faye's session. Very quickly Faye got the hang of picking out songs from the itunes library and creating her mix so we ended up recording over an hour of toons!

We finished off the set with Faye recording her intro and adding some cool effects! We had a lotta fun! Go Faye GO!.....:-)

i really loved it with Luke doing all the mixes and my own music on thursdays

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