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Tuppence a bird

Tuesday 28th January 2020

Hampden Park, Eastbourne

On a cold, sunny day Ryan, Natalie, Ellen, Violet, Sophie, Carol, and not just one Paul but two, piled into a minibus to drive to Hampden Park, Eastbourne. It was a beautiful journey through the Sussex countryside, past the white cliffs by Lewes, rolling sheep-covered hills, and the winding estuary in Seven Sisters Country Park.

Once we arrived at Hampden Park we meandered around the big lake, but not too slowly since it was bitterly cold. Sophie and Carol befriended a beautiful border collie and we made a couple of stops to feed the birds: coots, ducks, doves, gulls, crows, geese. The doves flew up and landed on our hands, lined up along our arms and pecked the food from our palms.

We then made our way through the muddy grass to the warm cafe for a long lunch and mugs of tea.

Afterwards we had a dozy drive back to Spiral, with Carol entertaining us by bleating at the sheep in the fields and singing along to the radio.

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