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Spiral Sussex has reopened today thanks to the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Spiral Sussex manager Chris Page: ‘It was a difficult decision to close because our clients and their carers rely so heavily for their mental wellbeing on the services we provide, but of course the coronavirus pandemic was a much greater threat to both staff and clients and we didn’t have the facilities to provide socially distanced activities.

‘But now we have this emergency grant from the National Lottery Fund and the government, Spiral Sussex is now able to reopen safely. This grant means we’ve been able to make health and safety adjustments like buying new minibuses which enable social distancing, safety screens and layout changes to enable socially distanced activity “bubbles” in the Day Centre, and the creation of a new online service called Spiral Portal so that housebound clients can access services like the radio station from home. This last one is especially important if there’s another lockdown, because it will help prevent the mental health difficulties that come with social isolation.’

Spiral support worker Ellen said, ‘We’re all really excited to welcome the clients back. I feel very confident that the risk of coronavirus to both them and us staff has been reduced as much as possible and it’s also really great to know that if there’s another lockdown, our clients will still be able to access the support they need to help maintain their emotional wellbeing.’

Welcome back to all our staff and clients!

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